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In Person Only – $277

In a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session I guide you into an altered state of awareness through deep relaxation and connect to your Higher Self. A variety of possibilities exist regarding what may happen in a session, but what needs to happen will happen, as you will be going through a doorway to previously unknown parts of yourself and accessing hidden information and motivations so they can be acknowledged and resolved.

During the 3-5 hour session you may discover who, what and why you are what you are in this lifetime, as well as uncovering the reason behind the fears, loves, talents and abilities you have for example. You may also discover why pervasive pain, deformities, or chronic illness is prevalent in your life and how can they be handled or possibly healed.

In essence QHHT® is a bridge between your normal waking reality in space-time and your True Self, which enables you to receive information regarding aspects of the human self which were previously not accessible. For example, subconscious programming from your past that may be affecting your life in undesirable ways can come to light, or you may discover information you need to know now and in your potential future. Also you may find that information about past lives, both on earth and potentially on other planets comes to light.

Prior to the session you can also write questions to be asked for your Higher Self, and we may be guided to travel to the Hall of Akashic Records or to the Book of Knowledge to discover what you need to know.

Please note that QHHT® is done in person only.

3-5 Hours – In Person or Online – $277
Repeat Sessions – $111


Experienced in Beyond Quantum Healing, BQH is done online or in person to receive information needed now from past lives. While achieving hypnosis, you will be guided by your subconscious to encounter past, present and even future lives in connecting with your Higher Self and Spirit to the most appropriate space and time. By creating an intention, we align your physical, etheric, emotional and mental core aspects of your being with the healing, and correct answers you seek.

You are able to prepare your own questions to answers from dreams, memories from this life or beyond, health, relationships, work, spirit animals, life purpose, and so much more. Past and future lives come in many, many states; ET’s; famous or influential people; animals from prehistoric, myths, legends, other planets; the elements such as wind or water; mythical creatures such as dragons, unicorns, mermaids, fairies, giants, Bigfoot.

As hypnotherapy is very safe and trusted, it is simply a communication between myself as the guide and your subconscious which chooses where to visit based on what you may need. You are always in control and usually are an observer or participant as your subconscious brings forth valuable past life lessons you may want to pay closer attention to for this life. Seeing, knowing, imagining, feeling, visualizing or a combination of any of these start your journey to an amazing experience as you relax, let go, feel safe and protected, comfortable allowing yourself to enjoy without anticipation. Your Subconscious and Higher Self already know you and why you have chosen a session, even if you do not! Allow it to flow.
As each experience is unique there is no limit to where in time and space we will travel. Just be open to new experiences and allow.

BQH is done in person if I am physically in the area, otherwise, it will be through Zoom. My schedule and travel will be updated as it needs to be. Please understand I am usually not in one place for a long time so if I miss you at your location, we can schedule a Zoom or until I come through again.

55 min $85
110min $155
Zoom Or Phone

Listening Release Guide

This simple technique has resulted in dramatic shifts in people’s perception of events and trauma they experienced in their lives, which in turn leads to healing through awareness and release.

Conversation between two or more is a joy and as natural as can be when someone actively listens to you. You feel relaxed and safe knowing you and your story are being heard and acknowledged without judgement. We each play a major role while here on this planet and have lived many lives in duality.

Having compassion towards others without comparing, synthesizing or compartmentalizing is a learned skill I take very seriously when listening to you. This entails hearing stories you may be revealing for the first time. I do not take that lightly although I may enhance the mood with a joke or personal story.

Sometime during the conversation, what happens after revealing A and B is that C follows, in that, it becomes your epiphany! There lies the beauty in what energy exchange transfers between us.

By receiving an outcome, or an end to a story you may not known had existed, you now have a piece of the puzzle or even a complete connection. I often hear, “Oh. I just now got that!” Music to my ears!
Allow me to assist you in our time together!